How to use it?


Using this guide is very easy. All features are presented in the form of action. Click on the action you want to take and you will see how to do it.

Having more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us using the form for this purpose on our main page.

  • My Profile
    • This section indicate under what name are you logged into Proximity.
    • In the second version of Proximity, you will be able to personalise your avatar in order to be easily recognized among the family members and caregivers associated to your relative within Proximity.
  • About Proximity
    • You have access to information about Proximity
  • How to use Proximity
    • You have access to a section that indicate how to use the various tabs in Proximity.
  • Français or English
    • Allows you to switch language in Proximity
  • Logout
    • This option allows you to log out from Proximity.
    • This will direct you to the login page.
  • In this section, you will find a picture of your relative, date of birth, address and phone number.
  • In the second version of Proximity, we will add the date of admission to the Living facility.
  • On this page, you will find the latest comments written by the facility’s professional in regards to your relative. They are intended for your relative’s Circle of Care linked to Proximity.
  • This messaging service offers you a secure communication between your relative’s Circle of Care associated to Proximity.
  • You can have a secure discussion directly within Proximity about your relative.
  • The Newsfeed allows you to stay connected to your relative’s Living facility.
  • You will see photos, information and any news transmitted by the Facility.
  • This page informs about what is happening at the Living facility.
  • This menu gives you access to the information of the following sections:
    • Care plan
    • Professionals
    • Circle of Care
    • Living facility Profil
Plan de soins5
  • You will find a list of interventions that are in the chart of your relative visible in Proximity.
  • In this list, you will see the type of professional and the date associated with the planned interventions.
  • For example, you will see the schedule for the next bath your relative has planned.
  • You can have access to the health professionals that are associated with your relative.
  • You will have access to their name, title, address and phone number.
  • This section gives you the list of family members and caregivers that have access to your relative’s Proximity. They are your relative’s Circle of Care.
  • The information that you have access to on this page are the name, address and phone number of the Living facility.
  • You will find an easy link to send a message directly to the Living facility.
    • Send to reception
    • Send to care team
    • Send to accounting
    • Sent to management
  • You can give information or ask for an appointment to meet with the Living facility personnel.